“At 63 I was suffering from stress, post menopausal symptoms including having extensive bouts of sweating and fatigue and generally feeling unwell after having my gall bladder removed.  Like most  knowing how to deal with a life of compromise is difficult.  It wasn’t until I started to have Shiatsu massage treatment that things started to improve.  Initially my massage was offered by my friend Steph Ball and I had no idea how it could help.  However, after a couple of treatments my symptoms began to lessen, my ‘burping’ diminished and I had more energy.  I feel more capable.  It began with understanding the philosophy of Shiatsu and how all of my problems are connected and how energy is released to heal yourself.  Being able to talk about how I feel and my function, especially as I’m getting older has been key together with having such an intuitive and calm masseur as Steph.  She is able to diagnose and treat key areas together with further analysis to develop life long changes to a healthier lifestyle. Steph is knowledgeable and confident in her practice, explaining and showing me areas that need attention.  I now feel much better and happy that I’m improving all the time with the help of regular treatment.  It truly has been a positive and growing experience. My Shiatsu has not only helped me overcome my debilitating symptoms, but shown me a better way to be and how with expert help how your body will heal its self. Thanks to Steph for her skill, knowledge, expertise and patience. ” P.S.

“I can highly recommend Stephanie as an intuitive shiatsu practitioner. I had a wonderful shiatsu treatment from her recently and not only was it very relaxing and enjoyable experience but she also sorted out a problem I had had for some time. I had been experiencing  tingling and dead patches in my fingers and thumbs on both hands for  several months and the Doctors had not been able to find out what was causing it, but they had eliminated anything serious with a blood test. I hadn’t mentioned it to her but following the treatment I experienced a rushing sensation down both arms the next day and after that the tingling and dead patches had gone. I am sure the treatment released a blocked channel because that’s what it felt like, and as a result I am grateful to her for an amazing shiatsu.” J.W.